puertosWe leave the town of Lafortunada, set in the heart of the Cinca valley, by taking the A-138 in the direction of Aínsa. After 2 km we turn right at the detour which marks the day’s objective: Tella. We barely have time to warm up before the suffering starts; two kilometres with an average slope of 8-9%. Once we pass Cortalaviña, the road begins to wind its way up with continuous curves. The slope is unrelenting and the ascent requires constant effort. The views of the Castillo Mayor, the Cinca valley and the river Yaga are breathtaking. Leave behind the detour to Revilla and follow on the right without diverting the slope. The famous dolmen is left behind on the left. There are still a couple of horseshoe curves to go, then we take a long straight section and finally a curve before arriving at the town of Tella (1,381 m), a perfect viewpoint overlooking the Sobrarbe region.