puertosThis route kicks off from this service area located right in the heart of the Cinca valley where the valleys of Bielsa and Chistau meet. Take the A-2609 towards Plan following the valley of the Cinqueta river. The first few kilometres are flat until we reach the Saravillo detour and, after that, the Serveto detour (see route). Here is where the first section of the ascent begins as the first 2.5 km become somewhat harder while passing the Paso La Inclusa tunnels. After leaving the tunnel section we cross the Cinqueta. Now the road becomes more relaxed and looses steepness. We arrive at Plan, the first town of the day, which we shall cross and head towards San Juan de Plan. This is when the challenging slopes begin. The road climbs at a steep slope, leaving San Juan behind. You will notice the detour to Viadós branching off from a sharp curve. The slope is unrelenting and becomes a real leg-punisher until we reach the town of Gistain/Chistén at 1,421 m.