M.I.D.E. (Method of  Information about Excursions).

M.I.D.E. is a method of communication between hikers, to express the technical and physical requirements of a given route. Its objective is to evaluate the relative difficulties of excursions, so that hikers may encounter routes appropriate to their abilities and ambitions. The M.I.D.E. consists of two pieces of information:

 1.      Reference information:

-Tour that is described: start, end and crossings

-Type of route: journey, round or return trip

-Timing of the complete route according to MIDE criteria

-Total altitude gain calculated for the entire route

-Total altitude loss calculated for the entire route

-Horizontal distance calculated for the entire route

-Season and conditions are assessed

-Other technical difficulties

2.      Assessment information:

-Medium: Severity of the natural environment.

-Route: Orientation in the route

-Displacement: Difficulty in the displacement

-Effort: Amount of effort required

The assessed information evaluates the following aspects of the assessed route from 1-5 points:



The use of MEASURE is free of charge, and is recommended by Spanish Mountaineering Federation (Federation Espanola de deportes de montana y escalada – FEDME).

More information on safety and M.I.D.E. in: www.montanasegura.com