From Nueno, located at the foot of the port of Monrepós we set off to ascend an antenna-fitted mountaintop on the Sierra de Guara; the Pico del Águila. The first kilometres leading to the town of Arguis must be done using the old road climbing its way up the Isuela riverbed. However, the works carried out on the motorway might make it necessary to take an alternative route such as the national road. In any case, these first 6 km are not too hard and we soon reach the Arguis reservoir hidden behind the Foz (a natural gorge carved out by the river) de San Clemente. We finally come to the old road that runs next to the town and climbs up the old port of Monrepós. It draws out a horseshoe curve and starts up the slope leading to the mountain pass at a height of 1,228 m. Further ahead we can see the tunnel of La Manzanera but we must turn right and follow the track. The quality of the pavement gets worse and the road becomes narrower. There are 5 km to go. The first stretch becomes quite difficult and reaches gradients close to 10 percent along the initial curves. Once we reach the same level as the mountain ridge, the track becomes easier. The ascent is completed at the relay and viewpoint of Pico del Águila at a height of 1,600 m. An excellent panorama of the Hoya de Huesca and the Guara region with the Pyrenees mountains on the horizon.