The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a technology that uses signals from satellites to allow the coordinates of our position on Earth and on a map to be known.


In order to use the machine correctly, you are advised to carefully read the instruction manual that accompanies it. Some preliminary considerations common to all GPS should also be taken into account:

• It must be used outdoors without anything that may interfere with the correct signal reception for it to work correctly. The most unfavourable elements are lush forests, rocky cliffs, very dense clouds, etc..

• The GPS has to capture a minimum of 4 satellites in order to make the data reliable, so it is advisable to have the GPS on for a few minutes before starting to walk.

• The system fields for projection and datum as stated in the cartography must be configured in order to work simultaneously with the GPS and a map.

• Please do not forget that the GPS is an electronic device whose precision is also subject to external factors, so it may malfunction or break down, therefore is highly recommended to take a map of the area and a compass.

• The information provided by this website are in UTM projection and ETRS89 Datum.