puertosWe exit Sopeira and search for the national road 230 which climbs up the valley towards Viella. The road steepens right from the start. We go through several tunnels until we reach the reservoir of Escales. A few tunnels later we come to a false mountain pass with a fountain. A downhill stretch will allow us to catch our breath until we take the detour on the left of the national road towards Betesa. After going downhill for a short while there is an uphill slope leading to the detour to Santorens. Continue straight on along chute sections until reaching the next crossing of Pallerol which we will ignore. Slope percentages go up from this point on and rise above 7% along the 3-km stretch between Els Molins and Betesa. Several horseshoe curves will help us up the slope. We then reach the finish line at the small Ribagorzan village.